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Text Box: True stories about work, life and love.

® Silicon Valley Recruiters provide advice for job seekers.

® Learn about different types of recruiters: researchers, sourcers and profilers, contract, in-house, contingency and retained.


Top Silicon Valley recruiters provide tips for† job seekers.

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Through interviews with recruiters, you can read suggestions for all job candidates.

Different types of recruiters were interviewed including Contract Recruiters, Executive (Retained) Search, Staffing Managers and Search/Researchers.

If you'd like to know the differences between the types of recruiters, please download the FREE Glossary and Resource Adobe PDF file.

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Iíve hired recruiters and thought I knew what they did.† The first chapter opened my eyes!† I had no idea about this end of the business.

The tips I read helped me in my recent job search.† Iíd read some of them before, but knowing that this is what recruiters really think made me change my job search strategy.

Thank you for this booklet.

~Janet, Human Resources Director